Usborne Start to Read Pack

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The Usborne Start to Read Pack is full of ways to support your child through the first stages of reading, building basic knowledge and confidence and helping to make reading fun from the start.

The Activity Book

This will guide you and your child through the letters and their sounds with activities for each new letter, and will suggest when to use the story books and the Teach Your Monster to Read game.

The Story Books

Your child will be ready to tackle the first of these with you when familiar with the first eight letters.

The Game

Nominated for a Children's BAFTA award, the free online game is a very good way of practising letters and their sounds. You child can play for short sessions and progression will be saved between sessions. The game is free to play online and works on any regular laptop or desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle tablets.

The Alphabet Chart

This is designed for your child to complete, with colourful stickers for each new letter learned.

Reward Stickers

Your child can use these to record progress in both the game and story books.

Recommended for Ages 5+


Usborne Very First Reading Books

  • Pirate Pat (Level 1)
  • Double Trouble (Level 1)
  • The Dressing-Up Box (Level 2)
  • Captain Magic (Level 2)
  • A Bus for Miss Moss (Level 3)
  • The Perfect Pet (Level 3)
  • Dog Diary (Level 4)
  • Bad Jack Fox (Level 4)

The Usborne Start to Read Activity Book with stickers

My Alphabet Chart (33 x 44 cm)

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Year Level Preschool, Kindergarten
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9781409565703