Visible Thinking in Mathematics 1A (2nd edition)

Author: Ammiel Wan, Ang-Poh Ai Min, Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
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The Visible Thinking in Mathematics series promotes critical and creative thinking in mathematics. It is designed to make thinking visible by providing pupils with opportunities to think aloud, explore their thoughts and reflect on their reasoning.

Series Features

  • Thinking Platform provides an avenue for reflection on the reasoning behind the concepts and skills, and underscores the importance of the thinking involved in problem solving. Emphasis on thinking is extended to the answers through detailed solutions.
  • Notes present opportunities for parents and teachers to clarify misconceptions, simplify a concept or provide support in areas of difficulty for the child. Teaching tips and textbook links enhance and supplement learning.
  • Attaining Mastery provides parallel questions that highlight differences between similar problems and allow the child to focus on the correct application of concepts and strategies.
  • Summative Test consolidates learning for every chapter.
  • Think Out Of The Box! includes challenging word problems to stretch the child's application of concepts learnt.

This is a Year 1 Singapore maths book - recommended for extension for Australian students in Years 1 and 2.

More Information
Year Level Year 1
Date of Publication 2013
ISBN 9789810196813
Subject Maths