Wakatta! Course Book

Author: Jaffray, Publisher: Pascal Press

Wakatta! has been written for senior high school students continuing their study of Japanese. The course is constructed around key topic areas. It is design to develop essential skills for effective oral and written communication in Japanese. Wakatta! covers two years' study and can be used as the core component of any senior high school course.
The Wakatta! Course integrates three resources:
- A Course Book of twelve well-balanced units of work, each of which includes essential vocabulary, kanji characters, reading texts, explanations of language patterns and consolidation of the topic area
- Two Workbooks with wide range of activities and exercises in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and kanji as well as puzzles, role-plays and dialogues
- 7 Audio tapes featuring oral texts and listening exercises.
Wakatta! is user-friendly, student focused and has several outstanding features:
- Comprehensive, straightforward explanations of Japanese language structure with numerous examples
- Grading of listening exercises into three levels to cater foe all abilities
- An extensive variety of activities to make learning practical and exciting
- Kanji organised into each topic unit.

More Information
Year Level Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2001
ISBN 9781864413328
Subject Foreign Languages, Japanese
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