Wakatta! Workbook 2

Author: Jaffray, Publisher: Pascal Press

Wakatta! Workbook 2 is an essential component of the Wakatta! senior high school Japanese course. It provides students with the opportunity to practise and consolidate all content covered in the last six units of the Wakatta! Course Book.
Each unit of the workbook provides:
-Practice in reading and writing kanji individually and in context
-Reading, writing and speaking tasks on the Wakatta! topics
-Three levels of listening tasks (using the Wakatta! audio tapes)
-Puzzles, including crosswords and find-a-words
-Grammar exercises targeting the language patterns covered in the Wakatta! Course Book.
Wakatta! Workbook 2 enables students to become confident and proficient in communicating in spoken and written Japanese.

More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2001
ISBN 9781740200523
Subject Foreign Languages, Japanese
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