What a Wonderful World! Introductory Level Book 4: Handle Our World with Care

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What do plants need to live? What is a wilderness? Will a big bell or a small bell make the higher sound? What star do we see in the daytime? Does liquid have a shape? What is your heart made of?

These are some of the questions you'll be able to answer if you read the books in the What a Wonderful World! Introductory Level. 

What a Wonderful World explores the questions we have about the world around us, from space to dinosaurs to the human body. The Introductory Level introduces younger readers to the friendly characters Eric and Alberta Einstein, to help them understand the world more and what a wonderful place it is!


An interactive book that tests children's knowledge on every page. Includes a glossary of key words, and Checkups along the way to test understanding. 


Handle Our World with Care explains the importance of looking after the animals and plants of our world. 

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ISBN 9780582910737