Writing in Context: Encountering Conflict 4th Edition

Author: Lewis Mitchell, Publisher: Five Senses

The Writing in Context Series is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to the Area of Study in English for the VCE. Each book was written to provide an in-depth analysis of each of the four texts set for study for VCE 2012.

This book contains information on Encountering Conflict and activities that will enable students to get a working definition and complete understanding of the topic.

For each text, you will find:

  • plot summary
  • character analysis
  • theme study
  • relationship to the issues
  • related texts
  • workshop activities
  • a variety of writing tasks
  • questions and short responses

Additionally with each text questions and activities are provided in workshop format for students to come to their own conclusions about the issues. Specific reference is made to the topic area in each text.

VCE Writing in Context: Encountering Conflict contains study notes and workshop activities on:

  • R. Hillman and N. Mazari's The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif
  • Graham Greene's The Quiet American
  • Arthur Miller's The Crucible
  • Bruce Beresford's Paradise Road


More Information
Edition 4
ISBN 9781741305746
Subject English