Year 6 Practising Maths

Author: M. McDonald, Publisher: Primary Education Books

Practising Maths is a series of Mathematics books outlining the NSW Mathematics Syllabus which is linked to the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

The books provide teaching and learning activities to cater for the individual needs of all students. There are 32 units of work in each book and the content in each unit has been divided into three levels.

  • Level 1 provides students with opportunities to develop their number skills and knowledge involving the required language within the various substrands.
  • Level 2 is at a higher level and builds on previously achieved knowledge and skills. Students achieving success at this level are showing a satisfactory understanding of concepts and more confidently completing task related to the substrands.
  • Level 3 examples are more challenging are designed to extend talented students.

This allows teachers to align a level of work with the learning needs of each student.

Homework Program

Teachers can assign levels of work and substrands to students as part of a homework program. This allows for additional practising of concepts taught in the classroom.

Group Work

The three levels of content provide excellent opportunities for class group work. Students discuss and complete the levels of work with their peers who are progressing at a similar level of achievement.

Selection of Appropriate Substrands

Teachers can focus their teaching on particular substrands to meet the specific learning needs of students. The content of the substrands is designed to be challenging and aligned to the interest level of the students.


Each book contains an assessment task after eight units of work (four assessment tasks in total). Results provide an important indicator of the progress of each student in the various substrands.

More Information
Year Level Year 6
Date of Publication 2017
ISBN 9780949794437
Subject Maths
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