Year 7 Unit 1: Resources in the World: Australian Geography Series

Author: Fiona Back, Publisher: Ready-Ed Publications

Year 7 – Unit 1: Resources In The World and Year 7 – Unit 2: Place And Liveability have been written by the same author for Year 7 students studying Geography in Australia. This book contains four sections which are clearly linked to Unit 1 of the Year 7 Australian National Curriculum.

  1. Using and Classifying Environmental Resources
  2. Water
  3. Environmental Hazards
  4. Non-Renewable Resources

    The first section of this book investigates environmental resources: renewable resources, non-renewable resources and continuous resources. It explains how they are used and how we classify them.

    The second section of the book is an in-depth study of water as an essential and renewable resource. It encourages the students to think about how we access water and how we can save this precious resource. It creates an awareness of the unequal distribution of water around the world and describes how different countries manage the water that they have. Indigenous water management and knowledge is also considered and the concept of virtual water is introduced.

    The third section of the book is entitled Environmental Hazards. It concentrates on floods that have occurred in Australia and Thailand and compares how each country has managed flooding disasters in their own area. It examines different types of floods and why they occur.

    The final section of the book explores the non-renewable resources: coal, oil and gas. It looks at how each non-renewable resource is created, used and managed in Australia and overseas. It introduces the terms ‘natural capital’ and ‘financial capital’.

    The activity sheets within Australian Geography Series: Year 7 – Unit 1 Resources In The World have been designed to help students appreciate environmental resources and begin to understand the importance that they play in all of our lives. Students are given the opportunity to develop their Geography skills, knowledge and understanding, through: observing, questioning, planning, collecting, evaluating, processing, analysing, interpreting and concluding.

    Photocopiable under the blackline master licence.

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Year Level Year 7
ISBN 9781863978811
Subject Geography