You Can Have a Green School (Ages 4 to 11)

Author: Anthony David, Publisher: Scholastic
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YOU CAN ... support environmental sustainability without compromising curriculum time.

YOU CAN ... empower children, parents and staff through sustainable education.

YOU CAN ... do this really easily by following the 50 inspirational ideas in this book.

YOU CAN do it, we can help!

Use the 50 practical activities provided to help your pupils make a difference to the environment. The book identifies the issues and provides suggestions for ways to take action including:

  • becoming more energy efficient
  • reducing litter and waste
  • making the most of the school grounds
  • becoming a healthier school
  • making the most of grants and funding.

Anthony David is a lead teacher and Deputy Headteacher and is an experienced education author.

More Information
Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781407100838
Subject Science