Your Sneaking Suspicions? Student Handbook

Author: Smart, Publisher: Anglican Youthworks

A Sneaking Suspicion raises such big issues as: Why are we here and how do I find meaning in my life? Is there a God and what happens when I die? What difference does a resurrection make?
"For me, what began as a sneaking suspicion has blown into a huge reality. Like most Aussies, I had a hunch that there was something more to life than beer and footy. I also had a hunch that the 'something more' could be found by looking into Jesus. When I decided to go with my hunch, I discovered more than I ever bargained for" - John Dickson

The student handbook contains questions, quotes, cartoons and discussion ideas. There are 15 chapters in the handbook corresponding to A Sneaking Suspicion.

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ISBN 9781920935474
Subject Studies of Religion