Complete Smart Series Grammar & Vocabulary Primary 2

Author: , Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)
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Complete Smart Series: Grammar & Vocabulary is a series of six books designed specifically to help learners of English develop good language skills and think creatively.

The Grammar section of the book serves as a guide to lower primary children as it provides them with notes and examples to help them understand the exercises. At the same time, parents and teachers will find this book useful as activities that can be used as a pre-activity to teach or post-activity to reinforce the grammar concepts have been included. This will help reduce the time taken for both parents and teachers to look for activities. There are where necessary, resources in the appendices as well.

Many of the exercises are varied so as to arouse the interest of the child in learning grammar and to expose them to different text types. The language exposure will broaden the child’s learning experience.

The Vocabulary section of the book consists of 10 units that cover all the different aspects of vocabulary that may be tested in the examination, and includes exercises that engage the thinking abilities of learners.

Words for the Week in each unit is specially designed to acquaint learners with new words and their meanings and strives to expand their vocabulary. Using the New Words helps learners to see how these new words are used in sentences. These two sections complement each other. Parental guidance is strongly encouraged, so that the learner can receive additional encouragement to learn new words.

Word Expansion seeks to familiarise learners with the root word and words expanded from that root word so that they can quickly decipher their related meanings. This is yet another effective method of increasing the learner’s vocabulary range based on word association.


  • Grammar
    • Unit 1 Countable and Uncountable Nouns
    • Unit 2 Singular and Plural Nouns
    • Unit 3 Gender Nouns
    • Unit 4 Proper Nouns
    • Unit 5 Collective Nouns
    • Unit 6 Personal Pronouns
    • Unit 7 Demonstrative Pronouns
    • Unit 8 Question Words
    • Unit 9 Possessive Pronouns
    • Unit 10 Reflexive Pronouns
    • Unit 11 Adjectives
    • Unit 12 Simple Past Tense
    • Unit 13 Was, Were; Past Continuous Tense
    • Unit 14 Simple Present Tense
    • Unit 15 Am, Is and Are; Present Continuous Tense
    • Unit 16 Future Tense
    • Unit 17 Verbs ‘to do’
    • Unit 18 Modals
    • Unit 19 Adverbs
    • Unit 20 Prepositions
    • Unit 21 Conjunctions
    • Revision 1
    • Revision 2
    • Revision 3
    • Revision 4
    • Appendix 1
    • Appendix 2
    • Appendix 3
    • Answers
  • Vocabulary
    • Unit 1
    • Unit 2
    • Unit 3
    • Unit 4
    • Unit 5
    • Unit 6
    • Unit 7
    • Unit 8
    • Unit 9
    • Unit 10
    • Answers
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Year Level Year 2
Date of Publication 2019
ISBN 9789810961770
Subject English
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