Complete Smart Series Grammar & Vocabulary Primary 4

Author: , Publisher: Fairfield Book Publishers Singapore (FBP)
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This book is targeted at learners interested in learning English grammar at the middle elementary level. It can be used as a basic course and as supplementary material for teaching and learning. Learners may choose to use this book with or without the guidance of instructors.

There are a total of 21 units relevant to this level of learning. There are summarized instructional notes at the beginning of each unit. The notes function as a review guide. There are interesting illustrations to illustrate grammar and examples of grammatical applications

Within, learners will see that each unit is accompanied by exercises tailored to teach or to emphasize a specific teaching point. The exercises are written in different formats to exercise the mind and to fine-tune understanding of the grammatical concepts. In this book, a combination of free-response questions and cloze passages are written. As grammar forms an integral part in the learning of the English language, it is therefore, strongly recommended that learners do all the exercises to familiarize themselves with each grammatical unit.


  • Unit 1 Nouns – Introduction to Nouns
  • Unit 2 Nouns – Countable and Uncountable
  • Unit 3 Nouns – Proper Nouns
  • Unit 4 Nouns – Collective Nouns
  • Unit 5 Nouns – Singular and Plural
  • Unit 6 Agreement
  • Unit 7 Gender
  • Unit 8 Possession (Nouns, Adjectives and Pronouns)
  • Unit 9 Forming Nouns
  • Unit 10 Forming Verbs and Forms of the Verb
  • Unit 11 Simple Present and Past Tenses
  • Unit 12 Present and Past Continuous Tenses
  • Unit 13 Present and Past Perfect Tenses
  • Unit 14 Simple Future Tense and ‘Going To’ Form
  • Unit 15 Infinitives
  • Unit 16 Modal and Semi-modal Verbs
  • Unit 17 Introducing Adjectives
  • Unit 18 Forming Adjectives and Comparison of Adjectives
  • Unit 19 Introducing Adverbs / Forming Adverbs
  • Unit 20 Prepositions
  • Unit 21 Personal Pronouns
  • Answers
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Year Level Year 4
Date of Publication 2016
ISBN 9789810991029
Subject English
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