Key Features of Modern History 2 Year 12 Student book + obook assess

Author: Howitt, Dennet, Kenna, Bragg, Dixon, Publisher: Oxford University Press


This resource includes a physical copy of the Student book and access to obook assess: a cloud-based obook that students can use anywhere, anytime, on any device.

obook assess provides students with access to:

  • a complete digital version of the Student book with added note-taking and bookmarking functionality
  • targeted instructional videos by some of Australia’s most experienced Modern History teachers designed to help students prepare for assessment tasks and exams
  • a range of interactive, auto-correcting, multiple-choice assess quiz questions.

This fifth edition offers complete support for teachers and their students, providing depth and coverage in an easy‑to‑read, easy‑to‑understand and easy‑to‑master format.

Series Features

  • Explicit alignment to the Modern History Stage 6 syllabus.
  • In-depth and appropriately levelled content developed by trusted expert teachers.
  • Simplified chapter structure with content organised into manageable double-page topics.
  • Clear, unambiguous language supported by plenty of visuals.
  • obook assess provides comprehensive student and teacher digital support, including answers to every question in the book, videos, teacher notes, exam preparation support and more.
  • Innovative and intuitive chapter features such as ‘Focus questions’, ‘Key concepts and skills’, ‘Learning goals’ and ‘Understanding and using the sources’
  • ‘Check your learning’ questions for each topic allow students to review and expand on what they have learned.
  • A ‘Profile’ feature included for each chapter allows for more in-depth learning about a historically significant person, event or phenomenon.
More Information
Edition 5th
Date of Publication 2018
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9780190311896
Subject History, Modern History
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