Re-Enact: Secondary - eight plays

Author: Hazel Edwards, Publisher: Phoenix

Teacher and author Hazel Edwards provides eight versatile scripts which have humour, provide different viewpoints and can be used several times with the same groups. All are easy to read and perform in a classroom.

Reading aloud, acting, researching and problem-solving in a group are encouraged. For each play there are additional activities and curriculum links.


  • Curriculum Links
  • Water on Trial
    Water is in the Court, accused of being wasted.
  • Q.V.H
    Melbourne’s the Queen Victoria Hospital was the first Australian hospital set up for and staffed by women. But in the maternity ward, a baby BOY is born.
  • Not Just a Refugee
    At a border post, refugees are waiting to cross, and face the official needing I.D. The setting is deliberately labelled between ‘Home’ and ‘Somewhere Else’ so students discuss a sense of identity.
  • My Robotics Homework Problem
    A robot is a machine that gathers information about its environment (senses) and uses that information (thinks) to follow instructions to do work (acts). But this is in a messy teen bedroom.
  • Vote Yes or No: Vida Goldstein
    The issue of conscription and the personality of the witty speaker Vida Goldstein. Once a person, now an electorate.
  • Anorexia; Body Rescue Kit
    An audio play about body image.
  • Bowling Them Over: fashions in cricket
    A play with alternative endings.
  • Acting Parts of Speech
    An easy script with roles such as Conjunction who is a ‘joining’ kind of girl or Verb who can be a ‘doing’ kind of bloke. Useful and fun for literacy classes of any age.
More Information
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925169232
Subject Drama
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