Re-Enact: Primary - nine plays

Author: Hazel Edwards, Publisher: Phoenix

Re-Enact: Primary includes nine plays that delight and inform, with easy-to-read scripts that invite research, group problem solving, discussion on the big and small issues, reading, acting and even a fun approach to maths.

The versatile scripts are linked to curriculum, providing valuable and assessible content for teachers.

The plays have been created by former primary teacher, Hazel Edwards, best selling author of There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake books.


  • Curriculum Links
  • Goodbye and Hullo
    Big changes on moving day. And the family pet has to go.
  • My Friend
    Having an imaginary friend
  • Figure it out
    Number shapes everywhere
  • Spoilsport (Monologue)
    Sportsmanship on another planet
  • Granny Smith’s Apples
    Early orchardist who had an apple named after her. Luck or preparation meeting opportunity.
  • The Ned Kelly Myth on Trial
    What makes a hero? Ned Kelly’s status is argued in the ‘Court of (Super)-Heroes’. Strong arguments are presented for both sides.
  • The Right Writer
    Who will sit in the Greatest Writer Chair? The graffiti artist? Novelist? Baby? Ultimately the student actors finish the play with their own choice of writer. Versions of the play will vary according to chosen writers.
  • The History T.V. Game Show
    Each contestant suggests a person who has contributed to our history. Those who convince us that their person has given the most, win. Audience is encouraged via ‘Who?’, ‘What?’, “Why?’ and ‘How?’ question card-holders.
  • The Guyra Census Taker’s Impossible Task
    Fact or opinion? Is everything true on the news or online? Ghosts? UFOs? Extracts from newspapers, references, and suggestions for cast, settings and props are provided, as well as opening dialogue for the script. Often multiple, contradictory versions of an event exist.
More Information
Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781925169225
Subject Drama