Reading & Writing Persuasive Texts (Years 5 to 12)

Author: Kay Rigas, Publisher: Mazmania Press

This book provides learners with a practical approach to reading and writing persuasive texts. The methodology behind every activity is using reading to model writing. It is organised strategically to ensure learners understand how persuasive texts are formed.

NAPLAN writing criteria and the preliminary language elements outlined in The Australian Curriculum (ACARA) have significantly influenced the writing of this book and as a result there are over 20 persuasive texts for learners to read, analyse and respond to.

The book is based on the understanding that a persuasive text can be presented in many text forms, such as letters, feature articles, speeches, film reviews, essays, advertisements, debates and blogs etc. When writing a persuasive text learners need to remember that the text form is dependent on the purpose, the subject and the target audience.

Working through this book learners will develop their interpretive and analytical skills and enhance their level of understanding of how persuasive texts are formed. The reading and analysing of each text enables learners to decode, comprehend, deconstruct and finally construct a persuasive text of their own. The more persuasive texts learners read and analyse the more familiar they will become with the text form.

A variety of comprehension style questions are included throughout this book to provide learners with the opportunity to closely study how the language features and text structure make a text persuasive. Each persuasive text is annotated outlining the text structure and language features required to make it a coherent and convincing text.

In addition, modelled and annotated work samples are provided for each written task learners are required to complete to ensure they meet the needs and demands of each task. Checklists and peer editing worksheets are also included throughout the book to ensure learners revise and edit their writing and gain feedback on their overall performance.


  • Addresses NAPLAN writing criteria
  • Models a variety of persuasive texts
  • Student reflection and evaluation checklists
  • Peer editing activities
  • Comprehension style questions to assist with understanding text structure and language features.

Recommended for Stages 3 to 6.

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Year Level Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2011
ISBN 9780980543391
Subject English