Handwriting Conventions 5 (NSW Foundation Handwriting Style)

Author: Steve Murray & Greg Purcell, Publisher: Teachers 4 Teachers

Teachers 4 Teachers Handwriting Conventions 5 is the sixth in a series of seven books designed to assist in the development of skills necessary to write in the Foundation Handwriting style. These books follow a K-6 sequential program whose continuum follows NSW syllabus guidelines. This book introduces Year 5 students to cursive refinements such as joining on from b, p and s and the use of speed loops.

Handwriting Conventions has been designed, written and illustrated by Steve Murray a very professional and experienced primary school teacher who doubles as an award winning artist. Teachers and students love the creative, quirky artworks and engaging activities included on every page. Each book contains a double-sided slope card..

Stimulating Content

This book follows a thematic approach to capture the interests of Year 5 students. It concentrates on the human body, looking not only at our anatomy and the body's various internal systems but also how to look after our general health. Related issues such as 'First Aid' and 'Specialist Doctors and Health Practitioners' are also touched upon. Students will find this subject matter compelling. Teachers too, will find the book's content relevant to their Stage 3 Science and Technology and Physical Education studies.

To further engage students stimulating artwork and fun layouts are used throughout this text.

Slope Card

A slope card is provided with this textbook. It should be used as an aid for all handwriting lessons. Its regular use reinforces spatial relations.


To assist classroom teachers in their evaluation of students' handwriting progress an assessment page accompanies each bracket of learning. In this way, feedback is current; teachers are constantly made aware of their students' latest skills acquisition.

More Information
Year Level Year 5
ISBN 9780977575459
Subject Handwriting