Handwriting Conventions K (NSW Foundation Handwriting Style)

Author: Steven Murray, Publisher: Teachers 4 Teachers

Teachers 4 Teachers Handwriting Conventions K is the first in a series of seven books designed to assist in the development of skills necessary to write in the Foundation Handwriting style. These books follow a K-6 sequential program whose continuum follows NSW syllabus guidelines. In this book, Kindergarten students are introduced to the fundamental letter shapes of the Foundation Manuscript (printing) style.

Handwriting Conventions has been designed, written and illustrated by Steve Murray a very professional and experienced primary school teacher who doubles as an award winning artist. Teachers and students love the creative, quirky artworks and engaging activities included on every page. Each book contains a double-sided slope card.

Stimulating Content

The exercises in this book have been designed to capture the interests of Kindergarten children. Letter shape reinforcement drills utilising stunning graphics form the basis of each letter study. The drills present letters in two sizes: the larger examples always appearing first.

Drills take on the form of tracing continuous patterns specific to the letter being studied; finding and tracing letter shapes hidden within a picture; tracing individual letters in a series; copying and forming letters from scratch.

To further meet the demands of the Kindergarten student's enquiring mind, both lower case and upper case letters are introduced and practised throughout this textbook. The numerals 1 to 10 are also drilled.

To facilitate spatial memory, the letter shapes presented in this book are grouped under one of three basic formation movements as outlined in the NSW K-6 English Syllabus. These are: the downstroke movement, the clockwise movement and the anticlockwise movement.


To assist classroom teachers in their evaluation of students' handwriting progress a battery of assessment pages is included at the back of this book. Each assessment page concentrates on a specific bracket of learning based upon the three movement models.

More Information
Year Level Kindergarten
ISBN 9780980635263
Subject Handwriting