Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941 Second Edition (print and digital)

Author: David Thomas & Peter Laurence, Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Print Textbook
The text delivered in print format.

Interactive Textbook
The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience of the student text. It is accessed online through Cambridge GO using a unique 16-character code supplied with the Print Textbook.

Offline Textbook
The downloadable offline version of the student text enables students to take notes, highlight key passages, and bookmark pages. It is available from Cambridge GO using the unique 16-character code that is included with the purchase of the Print Textbook and the Interactive Textbook.

Making the connection between history and its relevance to the lives of today’s students, Stage 6 Topics in Modern History have been written specifically for the new NSW Stage 6 Modern History syllabus to help students develop the key historical thinking and writing skills required for exam success and beyond.

  • The series provides in-depth coverage of the one of the popular elective topics Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1941.
  • Each chapter has been carefully structured to develop an understanding of syllabus topics and sections, combining a narrative approach with a range of historical sources and source-based activity questions to develop a deeper understanding of key syllabus content.
  • Comprehensive exam preparation support enables students to consolidate and reflect on their learning through end-of-section summaries and exam-style questions that directly address the syllabus outcomes and encourage students to think and write like an historian.
  • The Interactive Textbook provides rich digital content such as video footage of historical events and personalities and digital activities to bring modern history to life.
More Information
Year Level Year 12
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9781108461559
Subject History, Modern History
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